Pricing a cake comes down to a few key factors...

Ingredients, sourcing products to enhance flavours and on the whole we use local suppliers and where possible organic foods are puchased. We have great feedback in our reviews that prove you really can taste the difference. I think you would all agree that a cake needs to taste as good as it looks.

Generally I would say that the majority of couples choose a different flavour per tier. 

The next factor is time...

Your wedding cake takes between 3-5 days to bake and create depending on design. It is also one of the main focal/talking points of the evening and one that you will want to impress family and friends. At Forever Cakes we love being creative so please bombard us with your ideas! The design of your cake starts with you, taking into account your theme, colours and anything else that might be special to you. Our consultations are a great place to start the ball rolling if you haven't already given it much thought.

  • Tiered cakes

3 tiers from £575

4 tiers from £675

5 tiers from £795

6+ prices on application


  • Naked and semi-naked cakes (including fruits). Flowers to be provided by your florist to match wedding flowers.

3 tiers £375

4 tiers £475

5 tiers £595


  • Cupcakes from £3.50 for a classic rose swirl.


  • Cutting cakes 10" square £70


  • Dessert tables - priced on application


Dietary requirements

Gluten, dairy free and Vegan cakes are available on request and are always separate to the wedding cake.